Tuesday, August 11, 2015

London Adventures

A couple of weeks ago my friend Suzan and I set out for England. We spend the first week of our holiday in London. We stayed in a hostel a little outside the city center, but it was easy to get everywhere by public transportation. In a week we managed to see quite a lot, but I definitely want to go back some time because there are still a lot of places I would like to visit.

We visited the London Zoo, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, Covent Garden and famous sites like the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Kings Cross Station (because we are Harry Potter geeks) and Chinatown. My favorite place was probably the Natural History Museum. It was gigantic and we couldn't see everything we wanted to see in one whole day so we had to come back another day. On the Natural History Museum I will do a seperate post, since I made so many photos there.

Our week in London was very busy. Each day we did a lot and we traveled around a lot by public transportation. Our second week in England we spent in Kent, at a very different pace. Public transportation on the country side turned out to be a lot less reliable! Eventhough we didn't do as much in our second week as we did in the first, we still had a great time and we got to relax a bit.

St. Paul's Cathedral

I hadn't been to a zoo in ages, but the London Zoo was a lot of fun. I really appreciated that they had a lot of information on nature conservation and really tried to make people aware of the effect humans can have on nature.

The aquarium at the London Zoo
The reptile house at the London Zoo

The Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross Station

Kings Cross Station

The Big Ben

House of Parliament

Covent Garden

Trafalgar square


The Science Museum