Monday, June 24, 2013

Music Monday #16

This morning my brother mentioned a song to me that I had heard so many times before but never knew who it was from. It is one of those songs that always cheers me up.

Keane - Sovereign light café

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swedish outdoor adventure

 May 31 my friend Suzan and I left for our Swedish outdoor adventure. We flew from Eindhoven airport to Skavsta airport. When we arrived in Sweden, we still had to make quite a trip by bus to get to the inn we were going to. We missed our last bus, so I was very glad that the owners of the inn were willing to pick us up. The first night we stayed at the inn, and the next day we packed our stuff in waterproof bags, loaded the canoe and started our canoe trip.We camped out in the wild for three nights and the fourth day of our trip we were picked up and brought to the inn once again. We stayed a night at the inn and the next day we traveled back to Skavsta airport very relaxed. We flew to Düsseldorf Weeze (Germany) and were picked up by Suzans father, who brought us home.

We first night outdoors we camped on a small island. It had been raining all afternoon, so we had to set up our tent while it was raining. We put it on a rock because it was the only almost flat surface that wasn't covered with water. We used small rocks to hold the tent in place. There was already a fire place (a few small rocks in a circle with a grill on top of it). We searched for dry wood and made a fire. We cooked Chinese noodles and made scrambled eggs. Don't worry, we ate some carrots for breakfast the next morning, so we ate pretty healthy ;).

The weather was at it's best the second day of our trip. In the afternoon there were few clouds and the water was calm. We spend the whole day in our canoe. Sometimes we stopped peddling for a bit and just lay in our drifting canoe and relaxed.

The second evening we set up our tent between some trees in a very grassy area. We later found out that we were in a cow pasture. We made our own fire place and made tomato sauce with zucchini and ate it with couscous.

The third day we arrived at a Viking grave field were stones were layed out in the shape of a viking ship. We ment to go there the day before, but we got a bit lost ;).

The grave field was on top of a small hill, so there was quite a view from up there.

We made bread on a stick above our campfire and decided to stay at this lovely place near the Viking grave field.

The fourth day it was blowing hard and we were having a bit difficulty with staying on track, but we managed. At the begining of the evening we arrived at a small village and were picked up by the the owners of the inn.

 We spent the last morning sitting in the sun in front of the inn, before we had to take the bus.

After an amazing holiday we flew back to Germany and were brought home by Suzan's dad.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Music Monday #15

I do not know many Green Day songs, but one of them I have always loved. I hadn't heard it in months and today I just woke up with the song in my head and I've been humming it all day.

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Music Monday #14

I'm back from Sweden and already leaving again for my end-of-school camp. I'll be back in a few days and share some pictures about our amazing canoe adventure...

Ryan Star - Losing your memory

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Silk - Interactive generative art

I stumbled upon Silk a few days ago and find it a great programme. It has a black background and you can use it to draw with what looks like rays of light. The funny thing is that your drawing immediately becomes symmetrical. What you draw comes out a little bit different than you might want it to, because the programme has a bit of a mind of its own, but I like that.

By rotating your mouse differently or moving it faster, you can create different effects. You can also chose rotational symmetry, which I used for the first picture.

With my imagination I see all sort of stuff in the pictures. For example the one above looks a bit like a dress, doesn't it? That's what I saw the first time. Then my mother pointed out to me the scary figure with pointy ears she saw...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Music monday #13

Usually I'm not really a fan of electric guitars, but for The Kooks I make an exception. When I'm laying on my bed and stairing at the ceiling it is a perfect time to listen to their music.

The Kooks - See the sun

The Kooks - Mr. maker

Which music makes you fly aways when laying down?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gratitude and positive thinking

I used to be a person that always saw the negative side of things, which highly effected my emotions. A while ago I decide to change that, and I feel so much better for it. When I realise how much I have that I can be grateful for and how wonderful my life actualy is, it instantly lifts my mood.
Now it bugs me a little when other people are being negative all the time. Of course it is okay to be angry or hurt sometimes, but not all the time. So I'm showing you a video that might help you see the positive side of things more.

Enjoy ;)

One of the biggest changest I have made to be a more positive person, is change my attitude towards the weather. I used to be annoyed by the weather whenever it rained. Now I also see the positive side of the rain. When I'm inside my home and it is raining, my home always feels a little more cozy and whenever I'm in a forest and it rains or just stopped raining it always smells so fresh! I love that.