Monday, October 20, 2014

Buitenkunst - 'Outside art'

During summer vacation my friend Sophie and I went to Buitenkust ('Outside art'). It's a place where you can camp during the summer and at the same time take art courses. Everyone staying there is also taking a course. Sophie had been there before, but for me it was the first time and I absolutely loved it! There are people from all ages; families with children, groups of young adult friends and elderly people. I loved all this diversity and eventhough everyone was so different we had the fact that we all loved art in common!
There were a lot of different courses you could take including photography, painting, writing, drama and music. Sophie really wanted to do Assembling, so I joined her. Basically the whole point of the course was to learn how to create a work of art using different materials together in a unique way. At the beginning of the course I was a little sceptical of all the advise that was being given, but throughout the course I started to notice that all the advise was actually spot-on and over the week my work definitely started to change.

Most of the stuff I made I couldn't take home, but here are two of the things I made. (Sadly the charger of my good camera is lost, so for now the pictures are not that great)

One of the assignments was to fill a little cigar box with something inspired by the words 'Op een dag' ('One day...'), which is also the text in the back, but it's a little hard to make out.

For another assignment we went to a second hand store and we were allowed buy stuff for 5 euros at max, to create something that 'has a soul'.

The whole atmosphere during the week was great. Everyone was very friendly and it was super easy to meet new people. Sophie and I became friend with the girl in the tent next to ours and we spend most of our free time together.
Buitenkunst is organised every year and I definitely see myself going there a lot more!

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