Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday #4

I believe I was nine or so, when I got interested in the first singer that wasn't part of a childrens band, Dido. I bought 2 cd's of her and listened to them endlessly. When I turned twelve I also got interested in other music and Dido got sort of forgotten to me. Recently I remembered having a cd of her and listened to it once again. It still loved it as much as before. So I went on the internet, and found out that she, after taking 5 years off from recording music, released a new album called Girl who got away.
Her music is a little different than what I usually listen to, but it always has such a nice rythm.

Dido - Life for rent
One of the first songs I ever heard from her.

Dido - No Freedom
From the new album Girl who got away.

I also started with Camp NaNoWriMo. I've set myself a goal of writing 10.000 words in april. It isn't very much, but I think right now it's just more important that I keep writing, than how much I actually write. To reach the 10.000 words in april, I need to write 334 words per day. For now that sounds doable.

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