Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hej hej Sverige!

I'm so excited! On Sunday I'm leaving for Stockholm. I'm going to take swedish lessons for two weeks, so hopefully when I'll come back I will be able to say more than just a few sentences in Swedish. I am going by myself so I think it will be easy to learn new things quickly, since I won't have anyone to talk Dutch with.
I'm going to take three hours of lessons each day, so the rest of the day will be free. I have already found some things to do in Stockholm, but tips are greatly apreciated since I'll have a lot of spare time!

For the duration of my stay in Stockholm I have planned some blogposts. Comments will make me very happy, but I probably won't be able to reply to them until I get back.

I have been in Stockholm before and I loved it. Have you been there? What did you like about it and where did you go?