Sunday, October 27, 2013

Preparing for Nanowrimo

Yesterday I got back from a two week trip to Sweden, coming week I'll share some of my stories and pictures ;)

The first of november is getting closer and I've started to prepare for Nanowrimo. Last two years of Nanowrimo I started pretty spontaneous, but this time I'm going to be ready! For me, preparting mostly just means that I'm constantly thinking about my story. Eventhough no one actually sees something happen, so much work is being done inside my head. Besides that, I'm also making a music playlist, because a lot of music really does help me to write (except for music with lyrics that I know far to well, because than I just have to scream along and I totally forget about what I was doing).

On my playlist are currently the following songs:
Levi Kreis - I should go
Sanders Bohlke - The weight of us
Northern Lights - Cider sky
Ryan Star - Losing your memory
Beirut - Guaymas Sonora
Ben Howard - Old Pine
Howie Day - Longest night
At the moment I have only songs with lyrics and I also want to find a lot of music without lyrics, so my list is far from complete.

Which songs inspire you and how are you preparing for Nanowrimo?

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