Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween party

Last saturday Suzan and I had organised a halloween party for our friends. We had decorated the house and almost everyone had dressed up.

Credits for making up my face and making my hair blue go to Suzan. 
I don't know what it is, always when I wear make-up or something I'm like 'please don't cry, please don't cry' and then everything gets ten times as funny and I need to laugh so hard that I start to cry. Of course it happened again, and the black paint around my eyes followed my tears and left a trail. It actually suited my look this time, though!

Here are some pictures of our decorations;

 To the right (on the ground ) my homemade, fake, chopped off arm can be seen.

 We had collected a lot of bottles and jars to fill them with creepy stuff.

We decorated white fabric with red hands and splatters and used it as a table-cloth. In the back, to the right, you can see our headless bartender.

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