Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

First of all I want to wish you all a very happy New Year! I never really made new years resolutions before, because I never thought I would be able to keep them up throughout the year. But in 2012 I had set myself a few goals and was able to reach them. It's a great feeling when you know you wanted something and you had to work for it, but was able to accomplish it.
For 2013 a made 10 resolutions.

1. Film more with my camera and edit those shots.
2. Be less insecure.
3. Execute the ideas that I come up with.
4. Do more fun stuff with friends.
5. Find out what I want to do after I graduate.
6. Do joga or other fitness exercises on a daily basis.
7. Complain less and surf less on the internet on websites that actually don't interest me very much.
8. Stress less.
9. Buy less things I don't need.
10. Make money

I hope I manage to do all this. Have you got any new years resolutions this year or did you last year (and were you able to execute them) ?

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