Friday, May 3, 2013

Get-together with friends

Last saturday me and my friends had decided to watch Alice in Wonderland. Everyone would bring some food. Suzan made scones, Chantalle made muffins, Sophie made a kind of pindarotsjes (peanuts and marshmellows covered in chocolate) and I made chocolate-coconut cake.

Left to right: me, Sophie, Suzan and Chantalle

I had already seen Alice in Wonderland several times, but I still love the movie. It's not just the story that I like, I also love the magical world and the beautiful costumes that are used in the film. Every time I watch it, I get so much inspiration to make things.

After we watched the movie we made pizza en decided to watch an other movie, Into the wild. The story is really tragic, but the film is beautifully made. I still would love to someday live of the land for a short period of time.