Friday, May 17, 2013

Upgraded from skirt to shirt

Today I wanted to sew a piece of clothing, so I started searching for the right fabric in my fabric stack. Everytime I do that, I'm reminded of all the pretty pieces of fabric that I own and always forget. So once again I've got tons of projects in my head.

While searching, I found an old skirt of my mother, that she gave me once to make something out of it because she didn't wear it anymore. When I held it in my hands I realised that I could use it as a strapless shirt. Normally I don't really wear clothes different from how they are 'supposed' to be worn, so this is a new. I've been reading Nadya's blog recently and she does some great things with clothes, so maybe she inspired me a little ;) .

Normally I would have chosen a better background for a picture like this, but my room was (and is) a mess.


  1. okay, how tall are you...?

    1. Ha, now I feel ginormous! I'm about 1,84 meters ;).