Sunday, November 25, 2012

Birthday party with family and friends

Because I'll turn 18 coming week, I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my friends and family.
I had made so many plans to make food, but I think I wasn't totally being realistic, because is was way to much work for the short amount of time I had. At the end my mom helped me a little, but still one dish I couldn't make. But I'll tell you wat I did make!

I started by making a cake with strawberry and white chocolate filling. I wasn't quite finished when my friends showed up, so Suzan and Sophie helped to decorate it. It think it turned out really pretty and it also tasted great.

I made Harissa, Feta and Tomato Tartlets, you can find the recipe here. They tasted really good and looked so beautiful! The photo of the end result I took later that evening. It already was quite dark outside, so the photo is really bad, but it'll give you a little impression.

To the right you can see grilled suchinni pizza slices I made, using this recipe. Furthermore I made crepe lasagne with spinach and ricotta.The recipe was in french, so I used Google Translate to translate it. It turned out a little funny, but it was clear what the directions were supposed to be.

My parents had bought champagne, to toast on my birthday. My friends and I played boardgames and ate a lot of food the rest of the day.

Although it wasn't my birthday yet, I had an amazing day.

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