Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Plot in a jar

Lately my writing has occupied most of my thoughts. I constantly go from having a lot of inspiration to having none and back. When I don't have inspiration for the story I'm working on, I still want to write something else to get better. I've created this Plot in a jar so that I will have a start for a short story and go from there.

How to make a Plot in a jar

Take 3 jars (or more if you want more seperate ones) and paint 'Who', 'What' and 'When-Where-How' on the lids (or whatever you want). Cut a lot little pieces of paper and write characters, actions, places and moments or conditions on them. I will give a few examples:

A king with no land
A masked barber
A retired circusmember
A crawling todler

fel out of a tree
bought an unreliable timemachine
joined the circus
entered an other world
met a long-lost family member
befriended a vampire
got arrested

in a cave
in a hospital in the jungle
under a giant christmas tree 
at a masquerade
in an underwater world

on christmas eve
right before marrying the wrong person
during a pottery course
when he/she heard a family member had died
on the opening night of his/her restaurant
after just having an accident

like he/she had expected
because his/her mom said so
like he/she had had a vision about
because his/her loved one asked him/her to
because he/she was sure it was a dream

Put the pieces of paper in the right jars and your finished! Whenever you need a simple plot idea to start writing a story you can just randomly take a piece of paper out of each jar and start from there!

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  1. I can say I definitely relate to this. I am already experiencing this! Thankfully, I carry a little notebook with me and jot down ideas as they come (since they always appear to you like a light bulb when you're least expecting it to) or if I'm at work, I hop into my Google Drive and dump the thoughts in a document. :) Best of luck!

    1. Haha, I use Google Drive to, when I'm somewhere else and suddenly I've got an idea. I often get a lot of inspiration when I'm talking to other people and then I feel like. 'Wait, can you just hold on for a sec, I need to write that down', haha :p.